Praise & Glory to God Almighty: For my wife is a source of strength and wisdom for my life…

As my wife and I continually invest in our marriage we get to bless one another in very cool ways.  As part of a challenge included in one of our bible study / devotional resources, she decided to put together daily reminders from our ten (+) years together.  

Some are memories, some are words of affirmation and respect, and some are things she wants us to do together.

Well the reason for my posting this today is because  I opened the jar today and pulled one of the memory cards out (they are color-coded and these are my favorites) and was blown away by what I read.

Heather and I struggled so much before we gave our lives to Christ and His will.  I don’t particularly care so much what people think, but I wish everyone could know the power that Heather and I have been blessed to experience.

Below is the memory today…

Thank You Lord Jesus for your grace and love!

Thank You for turning everything right side up in our life together!

You truly are the King of our life!

I love You Lord; I choose to serve You with all I have!

May we bring You glory with what we have!